As we start to age, there are certain times that come ringing back into your brain about how good the old days were.  Or at least how good we thought they were.  Sometimes we reminisce about a time, event, song or a favorite movie.  As a GenX'er, I have come to the realization that many of those events are probably a little "rose colored glasses" type events.  While they may have seemed great at the time, with age, some of those things are probably pretty outdated.  Things like high school initiations, stinky plastic shoes or even worse, parachute pants.

Trying To Pass On The Things That I Have Learned Through The Years

Rambling through this thing called life, we all pick up little things that can make our lives and our loved ones lives easier.  Nothing really trumps experience, especially when it comes to real life.  But what about the enjoyment aspect of what the GenX crowd had going on back in the day?  Trying to pass those along to my grandson has proved a little troublesome.

Have We Lost Our Way Or Am I Just More Nostalgic Than I Should Be?

Scribbling down ideas on paper, I started to think maybe I was just old and didn't want to leap to the 21st century.  Some of these items are much more convenient than they were 40 years ago, but not getting the experience of getting to them is more of where I really started to dig in.  Sure, standing in a line for something is never fun, but the experience of it is what makes that so much better!  What things do you remember in our city that aren't around for the younger generations to enjoy?  Hit our socials with your comments or you can download the app below to contact us, or just email me here!

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