Coming in right around a net worth of 6.4 billion dollars (yes, billion with a B), Dennis Washington is Montana's richest person, but did you know these things about him?


Dennis is no scrooge, that's for sure. Just take a quick look a the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation. Dedicated to education, arts and culture, health and humane services and more. This year, Dennis has dedicated a 25 million dollar donation for the construction of the new Montana Heritage Center in Helena. The largest in Montana Heritage history. Also, lets not forget about one of the best college football stadiums around. Without Dennis, no Washington Grizzly Stadium.

The Yacht

Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about. Dennis likes to yacht rock on his 322 foot yacht, the Attessa IV, one of the largest yachts on the world. This thing is nothing short of a monument of human ingenuity and style. If you don't have a helicopter landing pad on your boat, what are you even doing with your life? Check out the photo gallery here.

How He Made His Money

Dennis got his hands dirty and made his money the old fashioned way, with hard work. He took a $30,000 loan and started his own construction business in 1964. From there Dennis slowly worked his way into mining, coastal shipping shipping, real estate, railroads and more.

Dennis was never enrolled at the University of Montana

His obvious love of Missoula is no secret. Even with billions of dollars of net worth, Dennis still has a main residence in the Big Sky State. As stated before he's given millions in donations to the University of Montana, but did you know he never attended there? Dennis made himself a billionaire with a high school diploma, which says a lot about how far hard work can go.


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