We're right in the middle of summer and the open road is calling your name! Have you done much for travel and adventure this year? The last two summers saw a lot of us lay low as we worked our way through COVID. And just when 2022 seemed like the perfect time to get back out and enjoy summer travel again, the price of gas had to go bonkers and force us to second guess our travel habits once again. Well, if you don't get out and see the world anytime soon, you can check out some of the fantastic views right from the comfort of your keyboard or mobile device.

Thrillist put together their list of the Most Scenic Drives in Every State

I don't usually dig too deep into articles like this. Whenever it's the best (blank) in every state I'll just see what's listed for Montana and other states I've lived in, and then move on. But this article had me scrolling because it had a lot of amazing and beautiful pictures that went along with the selected drive for each state. I would totally share a few but I don't want to get slapped on the wrist with the ruler for posting pictures we don't have the rights to. You'll just have to check out the article for yourself if you're interested.

What scenic drive was chosen as the best in Montana?

If you've had a guess in mind about the most scenic drive in the state since you saw the headline of this article, did you guess Beartooth Highway?

If you’ve ever been to Yellowstone, there’s a fair chance you were on the Beartooth Highway, since it’s one of the few ways in and out of the park. You’ll generally find it open May through October. As you pass rugged lodgepole pines and clear, frigid mountain lakes, keep an eye out for the Bear’s Tooth itself—a sharp, jagged-looking peak, visible from the highway, that does indeed resemble an incisor belonging to the sort of creature you wouldn’t want to run into while hiking.

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Do you agree with the choice? What's one drive in Montana that you love making because of the scenery. Drop us a line using our free mobile app and let us know!

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