You might be surprised to learn that this place isn't technically a real town in Montana, but they have plans to change that notion.

One town in Southwest Montana has constant traffic year-round from tourists and locals. This area has everything you want in a Montana town. It has delicious food, fantastic outdoors, and is close to everything you might need. The wild part about this town is that it's technically not a municipality. Well, that might change now.

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KBZK reports that several local groups want to make Big Sky an incorporated town. You might be wondering what this even means for Big Sky.

Big Sky Resort via Facebook
Big Sky Resort via Facebook

Big Sky would have to take several steps, including setting up city limits, utility companies, and emergency services such as police and a fire department. Turning Big Sky into a municipality seems like a tall order, but the town has one thing that helps them with the potential cost of becoming incorporated.

Big Sky has a local area resort tax that is added to anything you might buy in the Big Sky area. Everything from food, hotels and lift tickets sees a resort tax added before the final price. This resort tax helps pay for road maintenance and other needs of improvement, but the revenue gets shared with all of Gallatin County.

If Big Sky becomes incorporated, the town can take control of the resort tax and help pay for many things to improve the area. Plus, the newly incorporated town can use the resort tax to build other needs that Big Sky will need for the future.

Paul Kennedy/Getty Images
Paul Kennedy/Getty Images

Big Sky has been growing steadily as a town for years due to the appeal of the area. The area has a top-tier golf course, a town center, and one of the most famous ski areas in North America, and it's close to Bozeman and Yellowstone National Park. Plus, at any moment you could bump into celebrities and the uber-rich that have places in the Yellowstone Club.

We talked a while ago about the possibility of what Four Corners has to do if they want to become incorporated, and many of those truths stand for Big Sky. If Big Sky wants to make this move, it will take several years to get it done. We will see what happens next.

For more details, check out KBZK.

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