ranked all 50 states based on which them joke around the most. They used Google search data from the last year based on "8 most popular comedy, joke and prank search terms across all US states." They also compared the number of comedy clubs using data from Dead Frog and World Population Review, hirable comedy acts per capita using data from Entertainers Worldwide and comedy/social meet up groups using data from Meetup and World Population Review. Next they measured these criteria on a rating from 0 to 100 from using something called the PERCENTRANK formula as well as Google Trends' ratings and averaged the results to rank each state. What they found out about Montana shocked me, to the point where I am dizzy and nauseous even as I type these wretched words. Here it goes:

Montana was ranked dead last. Said another way, their data suggests that out of all 50 states, Montana jokes around the least. gave Montana a score of 0 for the number of comedy clubs, hirable comedy acts and comedy meetup groups, with a "joker rating" of 14.5 overall. The factor that earned Montana its points shows there's promise for the future, our "Google interest score" was 58, higher that the #1-ranked joker state, Nevada with a Google interest score of 55.

Knowing so many hilarious Montanans, I think the Treasure State is funnier than it's given credit for.  I don't necessarily disagree with's rating system, rather, I don't think Montana's true humorous nature is so easily measured. Though actual comedy clubs may be scarce, cities like Missoula, Bozeman, Billings and Butte all have local comedy shows, and other smaller cities are catching up too.

Montanans have so much creative potential waiting to be unleashed in this state's growing comedy scene, if you want to bring your jokes to the stage don't be afraid to hit your closes open mic. Stand-up comedy is a total blast.

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