I'm a simple man. I like cheap beer, skateboarding and watching straight-to-Netflix Adam Sandler movies using my parents subscription— but that doesn't mean I can't get boujee once in awhile. What's boujee? Urban Dictionary defines it as "high class, flossin, ballin" Think Real Housewives of wherever. Those ladies are way boujee, that's the vibe. But can you get boujee in Missoula, Montana? You bet your vintage Louis Vuitton handbag on it. I'll tell you how to have the most boujee day possible, from magnificent morning to the sumptuous sundown.


Brunch is the most boujee meal of the day, think about it. It's an extra meal between breakfast and lunch where mimosas are practically mandatory, it doesn't get more boujee than that. If you want a boujee brunch in Missoula with delicious food and a river view, pick Finn.



I'm ashamed to admit that I've never actually had a spa day, but spa at the Peak is rated #1 by Yelp. Massages, nail care, skin care and more. That's boujee, baby.



According to my mom (hi, Mom) Cloth and Crown is the most boujee boutique for women's clothing. Want to go "antiquing?" Try Montana Antique Mall. If you want some bling, Riddle's Jewelry has you covered.



All of Montana's boujee-ist love Stave and Hoop, Missoula's speakeasy. They host all kinds of great shows like dueling pianos, burlesque and stand-up comedy. If you'd rather see a movie, I suggest the AMC Dine-in. No carrying your food to the theater like some kind of peasant (I'm kidding, don't hurt me) they bring the food to you, so lean that seat back and enjoy.

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