With Halloween upon us, it is time for us all to gather around the campfire for some spooky stories. We can tell tales of ghosts, vampires, goblins, and monsters. But, what would be the perfect horror scenario if a movie was to be filmed here in Montana? No not zombies, or even zombie deer. No not crazed murderers at a camp in the woods, or even a chainsaw-wielding bad guy. The perfect horror movie scenario fro Montana would be...You guessed it... FLY FISHING!

A RED River Runs Through It

Most think of fly fishing as a relaxing way to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. But, sometimes things don't always go as planned. You can find a whole family of bears wading in your favorite fishing hole. You can watch as a momma moose and calf block off any way of you getting your line in the water. You may also find a chainsaw-wielding lunatic trying to accuse you of trespassing (even though you are waist-deep in water.)

The crew at Trout Jousters have put a lot of effort into making what could be the most terrifying fly fishing films ever made. A fish-tale of a group of friends that go on a fish-cation. Just another relaxing retreat with friends with one goal in mind. Catch fish and drink massive amounts of beer. Only, the fish are not biting, and they are all out of beer. Find out what happens when a fish-cation goes from bad to a total nightmare.


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