I spend a lot of my time at the grocery store. I am NOT complaining. I like going to the grocery store. It is a place that I visit nearly every day. I spend so much time at my local grocery store that the employees all know me by name now. Granted I could plan a single shopping trip and get all my groceries in one trip. But, my brain does not work that way. I am far too unorganized to plan a week's worth of meals. So I typically show up to the store hungry and wander aimlessly until something inspires me.


I shop at my neighborhood grocery store so much, that I could probably navigate the aisles in my sleep. Every once in a while, they reorganize the aisles and it completely throws me for a loop. Taking me weeks to memorize where they hid all my favorite items.

You may have heard the news recently about the giant grocery chain Kroger closing hundreds of stores. Even though that news may not affect us here in Montana, a possible merger may combine Kroger with Albertsons. A deal which is scheduled to close in the next few weeks.

Supermarket Chain Kroger Post Strong Quarterly Earnings
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Does that mean Albertsons stores may soon be at risk of closing too? Not likely.

Despite the news of Kroger closing stores, the company is just slightly below average in performance.

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Albertsons, a single point below the average score is a huge improvement from where it’s been recently – third from last in last year’s survey, second to last the year before, and dead last the year before that. If its planned merger with Kroger is approved this year, Albertsons will no longer be ranked separately – so considering the alternative, almost average isn’t a bad way to go out.

When it comes to grocery stores in our area, I am happy shopping at any of them. As long as I can navigate the aisles without getting lost or getting a funny look from employees. There is one grocery store that I try to avoid at all costs. And that store just so happens to have 14 locations scattered across Montana. Can yo guess which store it is?... That's right! It is Walmart.

Shoppers Look For Deals On Black Friday As Supply Crunch Continues
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I dread having to go to Walmart unless it is necessary. It is not my favorite place for meat selection. It is not the best for produce. The prices may be lower, but not low enough to justify me having to deal with the other people who choose to shop at Walmart.

According to Coupons in the News

  • The American Customer Satisfaction Index is out with its latest annual ranking of American grocery chains, based on how satisfied survey respondents were with their recent shopping experiences.

  • Walmart finds itself at the bottom of the ACSI list, for an astonishing nineteenth year in a row.

  • But it’s not all bad news – Walmart has shown some improvement, as its rating is up four points from last year, for its strongest showing since 2020.

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