Let's face it, inflation has us ALL "tightening our belts." With the cost of things getting more and more expensive by the day, it is getting more difficult to make ends meet. Which it why so many people find themselves shopping for bargains. Besides the RETAIL GIANT that was founded in Arkansas, there are other options in town for guaranteed bargains. Simply stop into any "DOLLAR STORE."

NOTE: I love shopping at the Dollar Store. Because, even if I only have $20 to spend, I feel like a member of the Rockafeller family. 

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There has been a growing trend online that consists of people making gourmet meals from items they bought from the Dollar Store. One YouTuber even went as far as to ONLY eat food from a Dollar Store for 3 days straight.

I have seen the steak at Dollar Tree and it had me question everything I know. I wasn't sure if I could trust if it was beef and not horse. That is why we put together a list of the TOP 11 items you should avoid at any Montana Dollar Store.

11 Items You Should NEVER Buy at a Montana Dollar Store

$1.25 sounds like a great price, but is it a great value for these products? According to several major publications, no.

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Just from experience alone, I know that a lot of these items are not going to hold up to expectations. But, if your expectations are high for something you spent $1 in 2024, then you might be in the wrong store.

I would still consider buying the items mentioned above. As long as I was comfortable with the lower-quality product. However,  I cannot count how many spatulas I have in my drawer that I purchased from the Dollar Store that are still getting the job done.

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