Montana has been a popular destination for film production lately. It seems that since the pandemic began, Montana has quickly turned into a spot on the map for filming blockbuster movies and television shows. Can't really blame the giant production companies either. We do have a beautiful backdrop for just about any movie genre.

Back in the Spring of 2021, it was reported that Alec Baldwin was in Billings, MT filming a movie.

According to Cat Country 102.9

When talking about the movie, Baldwin said it's been "a really interesting experience," and that he hasn't "shot a film like this in a while, where we are like running through the fields to chase the light, it's crazy." He describes the movie as a "twister movie, it's a tornado movie, it's a weather anomaly movie."

That movie turned out to be the recently released film called "Supercell."

According to IMDB the synopsis of the movie is:

William Brody, the son of the renowned storm chaser, Bill Brody, is a teenager grappling with the legacy of his father. William is determined to uncover the truth behind his father's passion for storm chasing, questioning whether it was purely scientific or driven by an insatiable thirst for adrenaline. As William sets out on his own storm-chasing journey, he encounters a group of seasoned storm chasers who take him under their wing and teach him the tricks of the trade.

As a fan of disaster movies, and storm chasing, I was excited to see the Montana landscape in a "tornado" movie. I even got a chuckle at the "nod" to Bill Paxton from the movie "Twister."

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for my excitement to fade. The writing in the film seemed very lazy. The storyline went from being serious, to lighthearted, to silly, and then back to serious. All while the cast drove around looking at clouds. Like a boring monster movie, the "monster" doesn't even show up until 80% of the movie is over.

Anne Heche and Skeet Ulrich seemed to struggle with their characters. And Alec Baldwin had a few scenes where he was clearly overacting the part. A great example is the scene where he pretends to be the stumbling drunk guy.

I guess it is safe to say that I was expecting a movie that was as exciting as "Twister." And I got more of a Hallmark movie.

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