We could almost replace our traditional designations for seasons, like spring, summer, winter, and fall, with things like "water toy season," "spooky season," "one puffy coat season," "tourist season," "windshield scraper season," and "patio season."

What's nice about these nicknames is that they're not calendar dependent. When we have unseasonably warm weather in May, it can be "patio season" even though patios usually open closer to June.

Missoula Loves to Be Outside

It's not just hiking, biking, and outdoor activities that Missoulians like. As I walked around looking for the best patios and decks, I noticed there are tons of places that have outdoor seating or places where they've created micro-patios. There are decks that wind around the outside of buildings and even Missoula Public Library has a rooftop patio.

But Not Everyone Loves Eating Outdoors

There are definitely drawbacks to eating outdoors. As my co-host points out in what he calls an unpopular opinion, outdoor eating can have drawbacks, like noise, air pollution, and pests.

Still, for the most part, people like to eat, drink and be merry outside. We thought we'd round up the best patios and decks in Missoula to do just those things.

How We Picked the Best Patios and Decks in Missoula

Given that it's graduation time, we figured, in the honored tradition of high school yearbooks, we'd go with good ol' superlative awards. What you'll find on our list are patios and decks "awarded" for their feel, vibe, or key features. There was one tie for the best-elevated deck. Of course, some of these patios and decks share features--there is more than one patio that is good for people-watching, for example. But for the most part, each patio was unique in the way it earned a spot on our list.

Here are our picks for the best patios and decks in Missoula.

Best Patios and Decks in Missoula For Chilling, Vibing, and People Watching

Looking for a place to enjoy a beverage and a nibble while enjoying a little sun and people-watching? Here are Missoula's best patios and decks.

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