E-Sports are a popular sport at the University of Montana. Electronic sports, these days, takes a lot more to master than when I was a kid. I didn't start out with pong, but I wasn't that far behind. I can't tell you how many hours I spent playing video games, let's just say, I lost a weekend or two along the way. E-Sports is big business and it can be extremely competitive and lucrative.

An Opportunity for Indigenous Youth to Learn about E-Sports

The University of Montana Griz E-Sports team and the All Nations Health Center are offering a free one day game design workshop for indigenous youth on June 26th. This is a great opportunity for Montana's youth to get involved with a program that can lead to a successful college education like Jimmy Painter who graduated from the University of Montana. It may also lead to a future career as a gamer, programmer or announcer. This is also an opportunity for Montana's indigenous youth to learn about the latest indigenous video games.

Credit: All Nations Health Center via Facebook
Credit: All Nations Health Center via Facebook

A Career in E-Sports Can Take You All Over the World

Not all E-Sports athletes become professionals. That doesn't mean you can't still get a career in E-Sports. A friend of our family has been an E-Sports commentator for a few years, That opportunity has taken him from California, to Japan, the Czech Republic, Italy and more. He has had a chance to announce competitions with competitors from all over the world.

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The University of Montana is Including More People in their E-Sports Program

Earlier this spring the University of Montana hosted the Big Sky State Egames tournament. That was another example of opportunities for Montana competitors to be exposed to a bigger E-Sports platform and learn how to not only compete, but to create their own games. The indigenous design workshop will have sessions for middle and high schoolers to learn more about what E-Sports have to offer here in Montana.

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