If you have stepped foot in Missoula then you should know what the number one most frustrating street is in the city. Without any argument it would be Reserve Street. It is frustrating to so many that there is a Facebook group that is dedicated to trying to improve Reserve street.

Traveling in Missoula Is Not Easy

Getting around Missoula is no easy task. It is difficult to navigate this town. We have a population that continues to grow, we have two very different street layouts, and according to many it is difficult to try to make a left hand turn in this town.

Reserve Street is The Most Frustrating, But What Street is Number Two?

With Reserve Street being the overall number one most frustrating street in Missoula, we wanted to know what the second most frustrating street in Missoula is, so we asked our listeners, and a lot of you responded. Here is a list of the "Second most frustrating streets in Missoula".

One of the most difficult decisions for some is just choosing one.

  • Christy- You mean I can only pick one?
  • Wendy- Pick one? Driving anywhere is a nightmare now.
  • Amanda- Any street with a few cars and my husband driving.
  • Doug- All of them.
  • Cody- The whole town
  • Melanie- Any street, this town is too full!
  • James- Streets with potholes in general and not fixing them when they get bad along with some sidewalks.
  • Alecia- All
  • Julie- Most of them They built this town all messed up! They keep building in instead out!
  • Jenny- Any and all.
  • Justin- All of them.
  • Ron- All of them.
  • Amy- Aren’t they all frustrating lol
  • Sheree- As an occasional visitor, I find driving in Missoula frustrating no matter what street I'm on. Such an oddly laid out city that is quite confusing.
  • Aspen- Everything about Missoula traffic is frustrating
  • Kellen- It’s the whole town, I delivered pizza for years there and holy god it’s the worst.

There are still people that don't like the roundabouts. I know that I may be in the minority on this topic, but I appreciate the roundabouts. I would rather just slow down and keep moving than be stuck at a traffic light.

  • Kathy- Mullan Road roundabout.
  • Kayla- Mullan and the round abouts and the new stuff on Flynn.
  • Jody- All-roundabouts
  • Brande- Anything with a roundabout.

Missoula's infamous "Malfunction Junction" is still just as infamous.

  • Tristin- Malfunction junction, still
  • Cassidy- The intersection at Russell and Brooks.
  • Terry- South Avenue, specifically at New Malfunction Junction.
  • Dana- Everything around malfunction junction. What a mess over there.
  • Wendi- Russell and the “work around” of South through Malfunction!
  • Manda- Russel and Brooks.
  • Davee- Brooks and Russell (the former “Malfunction Junction”) is an atrocity on Urban Planning. Ray Charles could have done a better job with that and not only was he blind but he’s also dead. Runner up: if you are on Mount going west and miss the light at Brooks St? I hope you have a copy of Crime and Punishment because you’re gonna be sitting there for a looooong time.
  • Betty- I am not very happy with South Ave either since the (fix of Malfunction Junction). The worst of the Mess getting from S Garfield to Brooks ( Why do I have to drive around South Gate Mall to get there?) Then these Round-abouts on every street in Missoula is some kinda BS

Not many are fans of Broadway and the "Broadway Diet" that drops the four lanes to two in certain areas.

  • Thomas- Broadway
  • Christy- Broadway in front of the Poverello Center
  • Danny- Broadway diet!
  • Derek- Broadway and it's unhealthy diet.
  • Patty- Broadway
  • Haley- Front and Broadway is the dumbest.
  • Clint- Broadway is always backed in the right East bound lane at the Mullan Rd. intersection.
  • Kaitlyn- On East Broadway after the light headed east in front of Albertsons. The right lane ends and I'll be damned if I let any cars try to cut me off.
  • Stephen- Broadway is way worse.

Brooks Street is another street that drivers aren't fond of.

  • Brooke- Brooks
  • Jennifer- Brooks and trying to get anywhere around Brooks
  • Christie- Brooks
  • Jeffery- Brooks
  • Elizabeth- Depends on the time of day. Reserve is always bad but Brooks in the afternoon is chaos.

Out of all the responses, it looks like Russell Street is the second most frustrating street in Missoula. It has a little bit of everything, that can make it frustrating. The street goes through the old "Malfunction Junction", it intersects with Brooks, it also has four lanes that turn into two, and then back to four.

  • Erin- Russell
  • Jacob- Russell
  • Ally- Russell and Brooks
  • Tammi- Definitely Russell
  • Bernadine- Russell!
  • Deb- Russell
  • Loralei- Russell
  • Mike- Russell
  • Kittrell- Russell Street
  • Nikki- Russell
  • Randiea- Russell
  • Stefani- Russell Street
  • Zenia- Russell
  • Jacob- Russell
  • Jason- Russell. Why don' they just finish it 4 lanes?

Not Everyone Takes the Question Seriously

We also can't ask a question like this without getting some amusing answers. For some reason Sesame Street came up and so did the "Street in front of your mom's house" was another popular response.

However you travel around Missoula, please be safe on those sometimes frustrating city streets.

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