Montana archery season is underway and with more people in the wilderness, being bear aware is something that should be on everyone's mind if you are out in the woods. There have been multiple bear encounters this year and having bear spray may not be an option anymore, it may need to be a priority.

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A Montana man has been attacked by what is being described as a "Mega Bear" over 10 feet tall, as shared by Ladd Egan of KSL5 TV, via X. According to a recent GoFundMe page that was setup by the victims daughter, Rudy Noorlander, the owner and operator of Alpine Adventures in Big Sky, Montana was contacted by some hunters last Friday, who had killed a deer, but they couldn't find it.

The GoFundMe page describes what happened. Rudy set out to help find the deer. He had tracked a deer, but it wasn't the deer that was shot. He had seen a smaller grizzly bear in the area and had his firearm out to try to scare away the bear. Before he had a chance to react a 10 foot bear attacked. He tried to fire his weapon, but the weapon misfired. Rudy had bear spray, but it was in his pack and he wasn't able to reach it in time.

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Rudy tried to punch the bear, but the bear latched onto his jaw. The bear also left a large scratch down his chest, and also bit his arms and legs. Luckily, Rudy was not alone. Other hunters were working with him and they were able to scare away the bear and call for Life Flight. After 2 hours he was airlifted to a hospital.

Montana Bear Attack Victim Recovering in a Utah Hospital

Rudy is currently recovering from his injuries in a Utah hospital and the GoFundMe page has reached over half it's current goal of $50,000.

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