Santa's coming! Santa's coming! Another beloved Missoula tradition will be happening again this holiday season. The Western Montana Santa Flyover will be taking place this year. Grab your hot cocoa, jacket and boots, because he will be flying over the area this December.

Santa's Western Montana Flyover Will Happen in December

According to a recent post on Facebook from The Western Montana Santa Flyover the date hasn't been set yet. They are hoping for either Friday December 15th or Saturday December 16th. With the help of the Missoula Downtown Foundation and public donations Santa will take flight again this year.

The Santa Flyover Tradition Continues

Even though my children are a bit older, I still encourage them to run out to see Santa fly over Missoula when it happens. When my kids were younger at their daycare, which was fantastic, they used to make Santa's reindeer food. They would take some oatmeal and some glitter and mix it together. Then sprinkle them either across the lawn, yard, field, or deck. Wherever it would help Santa and his reindeer to be able to find his way to your home. It was a great tradition that me and my children do to this day. Ok, to be honest, it is really me that does it, and they put up with me doing it.

It Takes Donations and a Lot of Work To Make This Happen Every Year

If you would like to help out and make sure that this tradition continues you can donate to the Western Montana Santa Flyover website. All the donations go to help with the cost, maintenance, storage and improvement of Santa's equipment. The donations are also tax deductible.

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