March Madness is upon us and I love a good tournament bracket. There is something about a bracket that gives me joy and excitement. I nerd out on brackets, what can I say?

Something that isn't as exciting is closed businesses. Missoula has been hit hard by closed businesses over the last year and change. I hate to see that, but my chaotic brain combined the idea of tournament brackets and the most missed Missoula businesses.

And it's all up to y'all to decide which closed business you miss the most in our "Missoula's Most Missed Closed Business" Bracket (the name just rolls off the tongue). 

The tournament field consists of cafes, burger joints, dive bars, pizza parlors, a skating rink, a movie theater, a wine bar, a trampoline amusement park and an ice cream shop.


Round 1 results:

#16 Crystal Theater def. #1 Jay's Upstairs

#9 The Hub def. #8 Johnny Carino's

#4 Uptown Diner def. #13 Flying Squirrel

#12 Naps Grill def. Dairy-Go-Round

#15 Tower Pizza def. #2 Dan's Soup and San

#7 The Red Bird def. #10 Skate Haven

#3 Hastings def. #14 93 Stop And Go

#6 Carlos' One Night Stand def. #11 Old Town Cafe

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Round 2 Results:

#16 Crystal Theater def. #9 The Hub

#4 Uptown Diner def. #12 Naps Grill

#15 Tower Pizza def. #7 Red Bird

#3 Hastings def. #6 Carlos' One Night Stand

Round 3 Results:

#4 Uptown Diner def. #16 Crystal Theater

#15 Tower Pizza def. #3 Hastings


It all comes down to the championship round: Uptown Diner VS Tower Pizza for the prized title of "Missoula's Most Missed Closed Business."


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