How many pull-ups can you do? I can honestly say I haven't tried a pull-up in years. I tend to think a couple could be managed, but there's not that much confidence behind that sentence.


Pull-ups are today's conversation because of a recent Reddit post that resurfaced a picture of a former U.S. President at the University of Montana doing a pull-up.

Yep, you read that right.

Which former President was it? I'll give you a hint: it was not the 27th President of the United States Howard Taft.

Getty Images, Topical Press agency
Getty Images, Topical Press agency

Nor was it the 22nd and 24th President Grover Cleveland

Getty Images, National Archives
Getty Images, National Archives

It was actually the 44th President a one Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama doing pulls up before a speech (2008)
byu/T0PP3R_Harley inmissoula

A President who wasn't received well in Montana, at least in the elections. Obama lost Montana's 3 votes in both the 2008 election VS Senator John McCain and again in 2012 against Governor Mitt Romney.

Callie Shell took the photo in April 2008. It appeared in an article on CNN where Shell explained "In between rallies when we were waiting to be introduced or waiting to go on, (Obama) always had this excess energy."

The photo looks like the wall says "RIZ" like it's 2024, but it says "GRIZ". According to some folks in the comments, Obama was giving a speech at Adams Center. A couple of folks had some comedic comments that made me chuckle, too.

Nice to see a president doing the presidential fitness test - joeybowie91


Some presidents can do pull ups. Some wear them. - DeaconBrad42


In the moment, 44 knew that with single pull up, he'd performed more than all of his predecessors combined - SonUpToSundown

There you go. A President in Missoula. How about that?

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