There was a time in my life when I was living on the bare minimum. A time when I rented a room in the basement of a house that did not have cable or satellite TV. I found myself watching the same two movies over and over again on my Xbox. Those two movies were "Beerfest" and "Clerks II." Surprisingly, I never got sick of the movies. But, I did develop a craving for the "cow tipper" from the fictional fast food restaurant "Mooby's."

Gold Belly/YouTube
Gold Belly/YouTube

"Mooby's" is the fast food restaurant that is the setting of the entire "Clerks II " movie. The movie centered around a day in the life of fast food employees. Everything from training a new guy to dealing with unruly customers. Coupled with the hilarious antics of Jay and Silent Bob, it is easy to see why I enjoyed it so much. (Mooby's was also a big part of the "Jay and Silent Bob" movies.)

Recently, "Clerks" director Kevin Smith began opening pop-up "Mooby's" restaurants around the country complete with the "cow tipper" and Mooby's logos on cups and bags. Unfortunately, the pop-ups were only in select locations around the country.

Now, Montanans can create their own "Mooby's" pop-up in their own home. Presenting the "Mooby's Meal Kit."

The website will deliver everything you need to make your own "cow tipper" from home. Not to mention, they also deliver iconic sandwiches and pizzas from famous restaurants around the country, including an authentic Philly cheesesteak sandwich from "Pat's King of Steaks" in Philadelphia. Or even fresh crab and salmon from Pike Place Market in Seattle.

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