Hooray for National Pepperoni Pizza Day! If you were looking for a reason to eat pizza, you got one.

But, why celebrate just pepperoni as a topping for pizza? What other pizza toppings do you like? Buzzfeed recently did a poll asking people what toppings belong on pizza. Clearly, pepperoni was the big winner. With 93% of people saying "YES it belongs on pizza." Even Montana voted that pepperoni was our favorite topping. Toppings that DO NOT belong on pizza are Fried eggs, asparagus, zucchini, eggplant, anchovies . . . shrimp, and corn. Oh...and anchovies...YUCK!

Sometimes you just crave a good old-fashioned pepperoni pizza. Sometimes a little too much.

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When you spend any time drinking "the sauce," you crave some junk food. What better than a hot pizza (and maybe a couple more beers?) But, as we are all mature enough to know, DON'T DRINK and DRIVE! That goes for ALL motorized vehicles. Not just cars and trucks. You can be issued a DUI for driving everything from a scooter to a John Deere tractor.

According to Farmers Weekly, a 26-year-old British farmer named Luke Cockburn was arrested for DUI. Luke was found driving around downtown Cumbria, in his big green tractor. His destination? The nearest pizza shop. Luke was having a serious case of the munchies, but was arrested before he could get his "PIE."

This story reminds us of our Louisiana friend Steve Jessup.

NSFW Language

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