Yes, Missoula, Big Brothers and Sisters still has a presence in our community. They are active, hands-on and growing!

We're excited to help them promote their first-ever, and what they hope becomes, an annual fundraising event. Let the lure of BINGO whisk you away, friends!

Yep, tomorrow night (Thursday, November 3), Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Montana invites you to BINGO Night, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m, at the Zootown Arts Community Center (the ZACC), located at 216 West Main Street. The event will be in the ZACC Show Room. Games, fun and prizes galore all for a $25 entry fee!

Big Brothers Big Sisters is about standing beside kids facing adversity. When the Missoula office closed several years ago, there was a dark cloud over the future of the program. Fortunately, a partnership was formed with the Flathead Valley Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and Missoula is once again gaining momentum.

While enjoying an evening of BINGO, You can find out more about the rewards of becoming a "Big," mentoring a little brother or sister. You must be at least 18 years of age, have a respectable driving record, no felony criminal record, nor been convicted of any crimes involving children. You are also expected to commit to a minimum of 12 months once matched with a child.

While 18 years of age is required for the traditional "match,"  the School Buddies program allows high school students who are 16 years of age or older, requiring a commitment of one school year (typically September through June). You can get a lot more questions answered here.

Here's to a great evening of BINGO! Unlike that crazy $1.2 billion dollar Powerball drawing tonight, you might actually win a few bucks at the ZACC!

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