Is Missoula the best city in the country? We all know the answer is yes. But is Missoula the best city in the world? Also yes. Though it's incredibly underrated (and many of us would like to keep it that way) Missoula has been recognized for different forms of awesomeness many times— here are a few examples:

Missoula Public Library - 2022

The library earned the International Library of the Year Award from the International Federation of Library Associations. "The building stands out for its beautiful architecture that pays homage to the surrounding landscape while offering a wealth of possibilities and serving as a meeting place for the community. It’s a library that you would relish having in your own local area. It’s a library built for the future” said an IFLA jury chair named Jakob Guillois Lærkes according to the Missoula Public Library website.

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Big Dipper Ice Cream - 2013

The ice cream shop was featured on Good Morning America's segment "America: Best Ice Cream Ever," check out the video below:

Missoula Marathon - 2017

BibRave, a marketing company that specializes in running and racing, ranked the Missoula Marathon #1, beating #2 ranked Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, #3 ranked the Boston Marathon and others. If you're looking for places to train for the Missoula Marathon, we've got you covered.

The University of Montana - 2016

The university was on Thrillist's list of the 20 most beautiful public college campuses in America, the list has no rankings. UM's campus continues to look better and better so I'm sure it'll be on more lists like that soon.

The Whole City - 2017

Outside Magazine listed Missoula among the 25 best towns of 2017, there's no ranking for this one either but if there was I'm sure it would be #1. Here's an article with more info.

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