I have been on a sandwich kick lately. I found myself becoming a little obsessed with the art of a proper sandwich, ever since I discovered the fresh-baked "breadbot" at Super 1 in Stevensville. Since I found the perfect hot loaf of bread, I have been finding ways of creating sandwich masterpieces. I even have gone as far as to stuff and smoke my own venison bologna, and created homemade Canadian bacon. Did I mention I may be slightly obsessed? Maybe it is just a phase.

But, while I am on my sandwich obsession, I am looking for many different ways to make sandwich art. That is when I stumbled across the Pabst Blue Reuben.

If Missoula had a signature sandwich, this would be it!

It is clear that Missoula loves beer. It is obvious that one of Missoula's favorite beers is good ol' Pabst Blue Ribbon. In fact, Missoula's Orange Street Food Farm is the home of the highest retail PBR sales in the country. That's right, they sell more PBR at Orange Street Food Farm than any one store in the US.
Why not take that undying love for PBR and turn it into a heavenly masterpiece? Simply deep fry a Reuben sandwich in PBR beer batter. Voila, you got yourself the ultimate Missoula meal. Rye bread, thousand island dressing, sauerkraut, and corned beef. All fried to a golden brown. Just the thought of this sandwich is making me not only hungry but thirsty as well. Check it out for yourself, The Pabst Blue Reuben.

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