Apple is urging users of iPhones, iPads and Mac computers to download and install its iOS update 15.6.1 as soon as possible. A major security flaw puts your data as risk.

Just weeks after releasing an update to iOS, Apple was tipped off by an anonymous user that found a loophole wherein a hacker could take full control of any Apple device with the 15.6 version of its operating system. Let me say that again for the people in the back: full control of your Apple device

This means that anyone with malicious intent could breach Apple's security measures; accessing your apps, signing in as you without the fingerprint scanner, as well as making unauthorized purchases. 65% of all smartphone users in Montana have an iPhone (source)

What Devices Are Affected

According to a statement from Apple, the following devices are at risk of the security breach:

  • iPhone models 6S and newer
  • iPad 5th Gen and newer
  • iPad Air 2
  • all iPad Pro models
  • Mac computers running MacOS Monterey

While no specific details have been given to the press, the update seems to target vulnerabilities in Apple's native web browser, Safari.

Credit: Benny Edwin
Credit: Benny Edwin

An iPhone 13 for sale at a TMobile store in Missoula

How To Protect Yourself

Access your iPhone's "Settings" menu and tap on "General", then "Software Update."

Credit: Benny Edwin
Credit: Benny Edwin

If you see this screen, download and install the update as soon as possible

PRO TIP: Don't Wait On This Update. Download and Install NOW

Apple is at the forefront of security in the tech world. It's almost become synonymous with the brand. Of the four biggest tech firms in the world (Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook) Apple takes security of its ecosystem and the privacy of its users the most seriously. However, some Apple users have taken to waiting on installing iOS updates, either because they don't have enough memory or there are functions that they want to keep.

Neither is an excuse to delay in updating your Apple device this time around. If memory is an issue, start getting rid of stuff you don't need (old screenshots, duplicate pictures, videos, etc) while keeping in mind that Apple's iCloud storage can come in handy for saving photos you want to hang onto while freeing up valuable memory on your device.

As we've covered before, Montanans take their privacy seriously. While it's more likely that this security flaw may be more likely to target specific individuals (politicians, world leaders, activists, etc) average Montanans like you and me should still protect themselves.

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