I have always been a fan of Food Network shows. Not just because I'm a "foodie," but because I am human. Let's be honest with each other people. Watching Food Network is almost as bad as watching Discovery Channel. No matter what you have planned for the day, if you find yourself flipping through channels and land on either of those two channels, you can kiss your plans to be productive goodbye. Food Network has a way of sucking people in using our primal instincts of hunger. Subconsciously drooling as we watch.

One thing that will suck me into a watching binge more than food shows is game shows. Now just imagine combining both, and I turn into a zombie sitting in front of the "tube."

"Guy's Grocery Games" is a popular competition on Food Network that pits chefs against each other in a culinary battle of wits and skill. Starring none other than your host, Guy "Flavortown" Fieri. The chefs are faced with 3 rounds of cooking challenges that revolve around items found in Guy's "Flavortown Market."

Mike Hallahan is the executive chef and part-owner of Enbar and The Block in downtown Great Falls. Mike will battle 2 other chefs in a very "Cheesy" competition that airs TONIGHT (Jan 25th, 2023) on Food Network.

According to the Guys Grocery Games page on the Food Network website

Guy Fieri invites three cheese-lovin' chefs to the Flavortown Market for a night of ooey-gooey goodness. In round one, the chefs must create their tastiest cheese dinner after getting served up a crazy cheese duo. The chef that proves they're "grate" wins an automatic $10,000 before going head-to-head with the all-star judge of their choice for the cheese championship.

The show airs tonight at 6 PM on the Food Network, or find it on the Discovery+ or Food Network streaming services.

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