The crisp fall mornings and cool evenings have gotten people transforming into "fall mode" faster than the leaves can change color. Something about the brisk cool mornings make people clamor for anything that reminds them of fall. For most that is the flavor of a pumpkin spice latte. But, it doesn't stop at just lattes. Budweiser has recently released a pumpkin spice-flavored hard seltzer. There is a new pumpkin spice vodka being released this fall, and Kit Kat is releasing a pumpkin spice miniature pie.

But, what states crave pumpkin spice the most? The folks at Zippia looked at the data to find out where you are going to find the most pumpkin spice lovin folks in the country.

According to the study on Zippia, here is how they came up with the results.

We turned to google trends to find which states see the most search traffic for pumpkin spice.

Odds are pretty good if you’re googling pumpkin spice you’re looking for recipes, beverages, and the hot gossip on when it’ll be back on a menu near you.

We opted to look at the past year (9/13/20 – 9/13/21) giving each state a full year (and year of weather conditions) to demonstrate their fervor for pumpkin spice.

It is no surprise that the states that love pumpkin spice the most are up north. Temperatures in southern states don't really scream "gimme a hot cup of pumpkin spice coffee." West Virginia claims the top spot for pumpkin spice lovers. Followed by New Hampshire, Vermont, Nebraska, and Montana coming in at 5th.

Read full report and find out what states you may want to relocate to if you cannot stand pumpkin spice.


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