If you've never been to Eastern Montana it really is night and day. It's flat, windy, and just has an all around "bleh" feel to it. It came as no surprise to me to read that Billings had a high rate of depression among it's residents, but I had no idea it was this bad. The largest "city" in Montana has the highest rate of depression in all of America according to CEUfast.com

Out of 181,000 residents 31% have been diagnosed or have been told by a medical professional that they are depressed.

There are many factors that attribute to the problem. Everywhere in Montana we are struggling with low wages and cost of living. You need two jobs just to pay rent anymore. Billings has seen a big increase in crime and drug use as well. And let's not forget the Eastern Montana winters and how absolutely brutal they can be. Another recent study has linked anxiety and depression and suicide to altitude also. 

One Reddit user said:

As a Montana resident who lived just outside of Billings for 18 years I would say Billings causes depression. The crime there is horrendous right now, and it's chaotic. Hell, anything east of Billings gets worse. You're in the oil field. West though you start hitting the pretty towns like red lodge and Bozeman, Missoula, etc.   -kingkaidman/reddit


Sings of depression include: feelings of emptiness and loneliness, restlessness and anxiety, low energy and irritability, and thoughts of suicide. If you are experiencing any of these feelings, you are urged to talk to a medical professional.

Mad love goes out to our Billings people. Stay safe.


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