Montana is an outdoor enthusiast dream. There is just so much to do in any direction under the Big Sky. If you don't know where to start your outdoor adventure in Montana, the website MoneyInc has 5 amazing things for you to try this summer.

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Bike Trails in Great Falls

Biking along the Rivers Edge Trail is a great way to get outdoors and get some exercise at the same time. Not only is the Rivers Edge Trail a great place to bike, but there's plenty of other great trails around the Electric City as well.

Ennis Fly Fishing

Montana has some of the best places to go fly fishing. The Madison River near Ennis is considered one of the top 3 places in Montana to go fly fishing, according to the Montana Angling Co.


MoneyInc suggests Big Sky Resort for your ziplining adventure, but it's not the only place for you to find some thrills in Montana.


One of the best things about geocaching in Montana is that it's an absolutely free activity. You wouldn't need to spend any money tracking down these hidden objects. It'd only cost you anything if you wanted to take the "treasure" you find, because you're expected to leave something behind for the next person.

Big Game Hunting

This one is more a late summer early fall activity but Montana is home to plenty of big game animals. Everything from big horn sheep, bears, moose, elk and more is here in Montana. Check out the FWP website for more details.

We hope these 5 activities can get you started on having one of the best Montana summers ever.

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