Enjoy the beauty of Montana and let it all hang out at one of the best skinny dipping spots in America.

Montana is a place with all the natural beauty you could ask for. If you are a fan of water, Montana has rivers, lakes, and hot springs to enjoy daily. Many folks don't know there are hidden swimming holes and hot springs you could find, but secrets among the locals.

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One thing to know is that many of these hidden swimming holes are clothing optional and could surprise a tourist. Skinny dipping can be fun with someone special or friends who aren't shy.

We found out Montana is home to one of the best skinny-dipping spots in America.

Photo by Aaron Lee via Unsplash
Photo by Aaron Lee via Unsplash

Cheapism made a list of the 13 Best Skinny Dipping Spots in America, and the spot in Montana is a hidden gem.

Hidden in the Bitterroot Valley is Mill Creek Falls. Mill Creek Falls is a long trail that ends with several beautiful swimming pools where folks like to bare it all. If you are worried about families running into your naked escapades, don't worry. The swimming pools are off the beaten path, so you can relax with it all hanging out.

Photo by Carventure Media via Unsplash
Photo by Carventure Media via Unsplash

If you don't want to go skinny dipping at Mill Creek Falls, that's completely ok. Clothing is optional, so while your friends let it all hang out, you can wear a bathing suit.

With the weather warming up, why not walk on the wild side and try something a bit risque? Who knows, you might even enjoy it.

For more details, check out Cheapism.

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