There could be buried treasures across Montana and one is reportedly buried right here in Cascade County.  It is what is called the Fleming Treasure.  As the story goes , in the 1800's a guy only known as Fleming buried about $40,000 in gold coins underneath his cabin. That cabin is long gone but the mystery remains.  Fleming was murdered after what authorities say was a card game gone bad.  Many years later his family found his will and it talked about the buried treasure which has never been found.  His cabin was along what they called the Bell River and a mile northwest of Monarch in Cascade County.  To this day, nobody has found the Fleming buried treasure.

Treasures in the wooden chest

Remember Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?  It was a movie starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford.  Did you know there really was a Butch Cassidy?  He was a robber and the story goes that Cassidy robbed several places in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and right here in Montana.  It is said that Cassidy buried as much as $100,000 worth the gold in the hills near Malta.  It has never been found.

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The Curry Gang came to Montana in the 1890's.  They were formerly part of Butch Cassidy's gang.  On July 3, 1901 they robbed the Great Northern Flyer Train near Exeter Creek.  The story says they got away with about $40,000 in cash and about $80,000 in gold and silver coins.  The rumor is, that the gang buried the loot near where the trains was robbed which was near Malta, Montana.  The loot has never been found.


These are just some of the many stories about Montana buried treasures.  There are at least ten more stories like this.  Makes you want to grab a shovel and do some digging, doesn't it?

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