Every once in a while, we daydream about not having to work again. Many of us have worked since we were young teens and if you grew up on a farm, those early mornings started before you reached your teenage years.

Photo by Michael on Unsplash
Photo by Michael on Unsplash

Some of you may have grown up here, lived your whole life here, and loved every minute of it; when it comes to finally retiring, is Montana the ideal state to do it in?

It seems our surrounding states hold better odds for retirement, but Montana is not too far down the line.

Montana is ranked 15th in the United States as the best state to retire. Surrounded by four other states in the top 10, we fall just a bit lower on the list.

Source: WalletHub

There are two main factors that go into determining which states are better than others.

1. Adjusted cost of living
2. The annual cost of in-home services

For us currently living in Montana, we know the cost of everything has increased dramatically. From groceries, home prices, and everyday essentials, we see the price increase every time we take out our debit/credit cards to pay for something.

Photo by Maria Lin Kim on Unsplash
Photo by Maria Lin Kim on Unsplash

If you had plans of moving to Montana and retiring in the beautiful mountains, you may want to take a peek at our neighboring states as well before you sell all of your belongings and head to the "Last Best Place".

cc: WalletHub

Here's The Top 10 Tourists Sites For Those Visiting Montana

Montana is known by several nicknames. Big Sky Country, The Treasure State, and the Last Best Place to name just a few. Each year, millions of folks travel to Montana to partake in its beauty, while often seeking adventure in the outdoors. From skiing to rafting, fly fishing, to snowmobiling, Montana can certainly be described as an outdoor paradise.

No matter the season, there is always something to see and do in Montana. Here's a look at The Top 10 Tourists Sites For Those Visiting Montana.

Vintage Photos Of Montana

It's hard to imagine what Yellowstone National Park would look like in black and white. We are so used to seeing the colors that make it one of America's favorite travel destinations. Jezel Doughert's grandmother passed away and like many of us do, she spent hours going through years and years of history, from old yearbooks to news clippings, to pictures. Jezel sent me a piece of history that, if not for her, I wouldn't be able to share with you.

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