Every town has a niche when it comes to food. Something that is unique to that town only. I have often talked about Skyline chili in Cincinnati. I saw this morning that in Cooke City they have home made doughnuts available at the Sinclair station along with breakfast burritos that look great.

When you think of how many towns there are here it would be tough to do but a specialty menu from Montana would be great. I seem to recall a small café near Denton or somewhere up there that has great steak and prime rib.

Think of all the small town cafes that could contribute their specialty and have that menu and location available to all Montana travelers.

I don't have the time to research and promote it but it would be cool to have. If you're heading east just think of the best stuff in Huntley or Custer. Maybe further down the road in Terry or Wibaux. House specialties in Bridger, Roberts, Fromberg, etc. Think of all the places along Highway 2 or on the main route to Great Falls. Even the western part of the state around Twin Bridges or Plains even Dillon or Thompson Falls, everyone knows of one great menu item that you have to get if you're ever there.

We could call it the Montana Menu. Anyone could download the info and location and you're in. It would be a huge boost to to those mom and pop places that struggle to compete against the big boys. I know I would stop for a great cup of clam chowder or the best BLT.

Just an idea that I know people here would love.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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