When I was 10 years old, I told myself that I would trick or treat forever. Well, "forever" lasted about 3 more years, and even 13 can be considered too old for it. Some places even arrest or issue fines to anyone older than 12 who go trick-or-treating. I think that's a tad dramatic, but it would be awkward or even frightening to see 18-year old standing at my doorstep, even if they were holding out a silly basket. So I understand the thought process of making it illegal.

That said, if you do open the door for someone who appears older, maybe don't use the "aren't you a little old to be trick-or-treating" line. Remember that the trick-or-treater could be mentally or developmentally disabled, and if that's the case it's better not to give them a hard time. If you personally know a 16-year old trick-or-treater that is in no way disabled, maybe some light razzing would be warranted.

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When I picture myself asking a caricature of a stereotypical Montanan "how old is too old to trick or treat?" I imagine their answer would be something like "3 or 4 years old." My imaginary Montanans want their kids to be tough, lassoing steers to eat instead of asking neighbors politely for candy.

In reality though, I think Montanans have roughly the same outlook as the rest of the country. Outright banning trick-or-treating for people of a certain age isn't necessary in a place where people choose to stop on their own. I may not go out looking for sweets, but I still celebrate Halloween— who wants to watch Evil Dead 2 with me?

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