Once again the word got out that Big Sky Country is a great place to live. We KNOW Montana is a great place to live, but I sometimes wish word of mouth didn't let everyone else hear about it! Thanks to the data crunchers at SmartAsset who have ranked the best and worst of the 50 state capitols to live in, more people around the world now salute Helena, Montana, placing The Queen City at number 5 as one of the best state capitols to live in! 

Photo Credit Google Maps. Acropolis, Helena, Montana.
Photo Credit Google Maps. Acropolis, Helena, Montana.

You can dice those numbers in many ways but this assessment for 2022 SmartAsset suggested that Pierre, South Dakota pulled the 1st rank and our Helena, Montana at #5 of the Best state capitols to live. The last at #50 was Dover, Delaware, despite being home to a NASCAR cup series track.

So, How Do They Come Up With These Findings?

Researchers utilized safety information, affordability, leisure time, and education along with employment statistics, mixing it all up to factor the decisions ranking the city and its livability. Out of 50 rankings, findings show some of the country's capitals are better to reside in than others. For instance, it might have high-paying jobs but low-scoring schools, lots of leisure time, but horrid housing costs. 

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Another who has reviewed Montana in the past is the personal finance place WalletHub which has listed and analyzed the worst – and best – states to reside in. Take a look if you are searching for differing viewpoints.

We know Montana is a great place to live, quit telling everyone else about it!

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