Is Montana just a giant state filled with drunk white people? YouTuber Nick Johnson thinks so. At least that was his first impression of the Treasure State. Just a state full of drunks, hunters, the occasional cluster of bratty millennials, and a handful of native Americans. Oh, and lots of critters.

In his YouTube show Unboxing America, Nick Johnson gives his honest perspective of states all over the country. His "Unboxing Montana" video has gotten nearly a quarter of a million views and growing. In his "unboxing" Nick breaks down the socio-geological-political perspective of every corner of the state. What places are you most likely to find "snowflake liberals?" What nearby valley is home to the most "Doomsday preppers?" How many beers does it take to drive from Missoula to Billings?

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When I first started watching the video, I was immediately offended. Thinking to myself "this guy is full of crap. He knows nothing about Montanans." But, as he digs deeper into the different regions and communities across the state. I couldn't help but agree with some of the points he was making. Whether they were negative or not.

It's true. Montana does have a drinking problem. We are really NOT as diverse as other states. We do have way too many casinos and bars. We do love guns and own enough of them to arm an Army. The housing market in Missoula is ridiculous. Bozeman is full of snowflakes and Californians. We own more trucks than any other state other than Alaska. And we don't pay our teachers enough.

If you are not easily offended and are open to hearing a genuine perspective of life in Montana. Check out Nick Johnson's "Unboxing Montana." Including his follow-up interview with a REAL Montanan.

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