Are you ready for election season to just be over already? Whether you're reading this before or after the November 8th General Election in Montana, I get that red and blue dogs bark all year long, and that it only gets louder during election season. As we've covered before, it's a good idea to keep your cool no matter who you voted/are voting for. But thanks to everyone getting a dais on social media, even the most cool-headed of voters can get overzealously preachy, snobby, or even angry at election results to the point of believing in wild conspiracy theories.

Do you have a plan of action in case your favorite candidate wins or loses? Heck, even politicians prepare victory and concession speeches, why not be prepared yourself? Whether you're Democrat, Republican, Independent or otherwise, here are some tips on how to react once the votes have been counted and the dies have been cast.

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Don't Freak Out

A city, county, state or even America immediately plunging into utter chaos thanks to the victory of one single candidate over the other is highly unlikely. Progress, just like regression, happens over time. While you may be upset about the measure or candidate you voted for going down, let's all act like adults, shall we? You have to BE an adult to vote in the first place, after all. Let's show some maturity this time around.

Don't Gloat

Have you ever been apprehensive about opening your social media apps because you're sure that you'll see political "told ya so's!" and grandstanding posts? If the answer is yes, you're not alone. I fear that one day social media will be the end of us all, however gloating goes hand-in-hand with sore losers, and it only fosters more divisive behavior. OK, your favorite candidate won. Congratulations and thank you for voting. No need to pour salt on a wound.

Credit: Benny Edwin
Credit: Benny Edwin

No. Stop that. We don't need any more keyboard warriors.

Don't Get Violent

If you've never personally been affected by violence, you may not understand. The whirlwind of grief, shock, resentment, desperation, and fear isn't something I'd wish on anyone. I know the contests are hot, especially the Congressional race between Republican Ryan Zinke and Democrat Monica Tranel. But resorting to violence IS NOT the answer in the case of either winning or losing. Violence begets violence.

What Would Be Best?

In short, to live your life and stay positive. Your favorite candidate lost? Well, better luck next time. I'm happy that many Montanans decide to take part in our elections and that our votes are being counted. It's fair.

Take a breath. Take a walk, call a friend, watch the Griz, go outside. All of these serve you and your community better than being a sore loser or a preachy winner. Once this election is over we can start looking forward to the next one being years away with plenty of time to enjoy other stuff in the meantime (thank God!)

No matter who you're voting for, thank you for voting. You've done your part.

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