We all know that Missoula is a special place. But, sometimes we take it for granted. Sometimes we need to take a step back and realize just how special this place we call home is.

Each year, thousands of students from all over the world enroll at the University of Montana. They grow and learn and continue on with their education. As these students' time here in Missoula ends, they go on to other parts of the world. But, all of them take a piece of Missoula with them in their hearts. Making events like the annual Griz Homecoming game so exciting. When UM alumni from all across the globe return to a place they once called home.

Some of us were born and raised here in Missoula. Some have chosen to branch out and explore the world. But always manage to find our way back home. I have heard it said many times that "Missoula has the longest umbilical cord. No matter how far a person travels from Missoula, they always end up back home."

A local photographer and author, Brian Powers, spent over a decade putting together an amazing book of photos that capture the essence of Missoula.

According to missoulailoveyou.com, Brian says

Missoula has loved me every day of my life. This is my way of loving it back. I have been capturing Missoula since I purchased my first camera in 2010. This book is a collection of images taken in the right place at the right time.


Brian's hope is that this book will live on your coffee table or nightstand. So, no matter where life takes you, the book will always be there to remind you how amazing Missoula really is.

Order your copy here.

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2022 Montana Griz Homecoming Parade

Missoula, MT - A collection of floats, banners, pageantry and fun during the 2022 University of Montana Homecoming Parade, the 1st in two years.

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