Many of you reading this do indeed remember having nothing but a landline growing up or just being an adult before cellphones took over the world.

It was a communications tool, a planner, a dispatch for kids on those long summer days and nights checking in with the parents.


As the nineties wore on, we saw less and less use of the classic landline, at that point we all still had it because it was still a viable source to get a hold of someone.

Now-a-days, If you happen to find one, you might be in a museum or an elderly persons home, or both, who knows. They do still exist in hardline(copper) and VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.

VOIP being the most installed these days, and copper lines are slowly dying out.

One can still have a landline in your house even with the cellphone options these days, but are you REQUIRED to have a landline of some form in this day in age?


The Answer is No.

In the history of paid telephone hookups as a private resident there hasn't been any law that states that a resident had to obtain and/or maintain a landline.

There may be other rules that are in play for businesses in a commercial sense but as far as you needing to have one, it has and always will be optional.

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Most internet providers have landlines attached to the internet installed in most houses and if you hook up a regular phone up to your modem, you'll have a landline with an established phone number, again, you don't have to use it.

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