Kevin Costner has had great success as of late with the Taylor Sheridan monster of a television series Yellowstone to the point that his image as John Dutton almost precedes him before he even opens his own mouth or walks into a room, it's like a Dirty Harry effect of sorts. This will probably be something that cements him in screen-acting history even after his full career over the better half of the last 40 years.

Yellowstone aside, today I'd like to talk about and rank some of the best Kevin Costner has to offer in movies, strictly movies.



His career has done surprisingly well considering he has done some real flops in his day, but that's only because of critics and theater box office sales. Those flops are some of my favorites and end up in this list and gallery I put together down below.

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I might get some flack for my list, but I didn't rank these movies necessarily upon any critical acclaim, but on how they moved me, how I remember them, and how I feel about them now after the whole Yellowstone craze. On occasion I feel like I forget Costner has had an amazing career before the blockbuster television show. I ran this list by Nick Northern earlier, he said it was pretty solid even though he would move a couple around only because he's an Oliver Stone fan.

Please, enjoy my gallery/list and give us your thoughts on Social media.

10 Kevin Costner movies ranked by Big Billy

Yellowstone has brought Kevin Costner great success. He has a movie collection that holds it's own I'm ranking ten of them below.

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