August is coming to a close but if you think all the summer camps are over, think again. "Camp Horror" at The Roxy Theater is Missoula's film festival that you almost-certainly won't be brutally murdered at. For reassurance, here's a quote from camp communications director Charlotte Macorn, as featured at

“We want everyone to know that there is zero chance of the Sack Lunch Slasher returning from the dead to wreak bloody vengeance against our counselors for smoking marijuana and having premarital sex... I mean, sure the crew we hired to clean up the camp last month have all mysteriously disappeared, but I'm positive that is completely unrelated.”

See? I feel safer already. The fun kicks off with the opening celebration at OddPitch Brewing on Wednesday, August 24th at 6pm. Thursday, August 25th through Saturday, August 27th, you can watch movies that put the "Horror" in "Camp Horror" including two screenings of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at 9:30pm and midnight on Friday, August 26th. There's also spooky campfire stories, a craft day and a live podcast. Find the whole schedule here and you can get tickets here.

I have never had more fun at the movies than at last year's Camp Horror— it's a total blast. It's great watching these movies on your own, but watching them at The Roxy Theater with the rest of the crowd takes it to another level. If you're somehow still not convinced Camp Horror is for you, I suggest you watch their trailer below.

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