Maybe everyone (including mechanical ponies?) is catching Comic-Con fever.

Yes, the iconic convention in San Diego that honors all things super hero, super villain, alien life forms from galaxies far far away and so much more, is celebrating its triumphant return this week after a three-year absence. No doubt many costumed convention goers really went all out this year, with all that alter ego imagination pent up for so long. Here's hoping everyone is having an out-of-this-world experience.

So, could this possibly be the source of theme-inspired promotions in the galaxy light years from San Diego known as Missoula? Or is it just coincidence?

For example, you have the Missoula Paddleheads, our minor league baseball team, putting on their Super Hero Night promotion this evening (Friday 7/22). Fans dressed as their favorite super heroes will have the chance to win some nice prizes. But, let's get to why we're here with another delightful example.

One of Missoula's most beloved attractions, A Carousel for Missoula, is getting into the super hero craze this weekend, too, actually with a sprinkling of fairy dust to make things even more magical.

This Sunday, July 24, is Carousel for Missoula's Superhero and Fairy Tale Festival, from 10:00 a.m. - noon. Bring the kiddos and let them interact with local superheroes and fairy tale characters, as well as enjoying free fun activities and crafts on the West Caras Park lawn.

And of course there will be costume contests for all ages, but costumes are not required to attend and take part in all the fun. It should be a beautiful Sunday morning at A Carousel for Missoula!

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