Some of the best coverage of the National Football League doesn't come from network broadcasts or even ESPN. Several YouTubers have dedicated their channels to in-depth (and at times, hilarious) analysis of all things football. Because their content is on YouTube, they can make points that wouldn't ever air on broadcast TV thanks to censorship, and they have gained massive followings for their coverage:

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Brandon Perna, host of That's Good Sports and avid Denver Broncos fan has carved out his own following. His uploads cover deep dives into NFL storylines, breaking news involving trades, weekly best/worst awards for football play, and his love/hate relationship with the Broncos (which in 2022 is a dichotomy of emotions to say the least.)

Credit: Thats Good Sports via YouTube
Credit: Thats Good Sports via YouTube

I have to give Perna props for diving deep into Osweiler's stats as well as pointing out that the former Flathead Braves standout has a Super Bowl ring (his Denver team beat Carolina in 2016, although Osweiler didn't play in the game.) Not many people in the history of...people can say they have a Super Bowl ring, and that number gets even less when you're talking about Montana natives. Perna also highlights that Osweiler was drafted as the quarterback "heir apparent" to Hall Of Famer Peyton Manning, so even though he had a seven-year career in the NFL, Osweiler was fighting the odds for success.

Even if you're not from Kalispell, even if you're not a Broncos fan, even if you barely watch the NFL...Perna's That's Good Sports is worth the weekly watch. And it's always fun seeing one of our own from Montana given the spotlight.

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