Remember back to the early part of 2020, shortly after the COVID pandemic began? Do you remember the madhouse that was the supermarket? The people with crazy looks in their eyes, as they fought over a package of toilet paper? The lady who glared at you for buying two bottles of hand sanitizer...? Yesterday was just about the same for many people in Montana. Anywhere a Montana Lottery ticket was sold, it was a madhouse.

Between the near-record-high Powerball drawing and Montana Millionaire tickets, it has been a busy week for the Montana Lottery.

This will be my fourth year playing the Montana Millionaire lottery game, a high-priced lotto ticket with reasonable odds of becoming a millionaire. The Montana Millionaire began as a way to award one lucky winner a million dollars for Christmas with a 1 in 140,000 chance at winning one of the two million dollar grand prizes. Not to mention the chance of winning a $100,000 drawing or even a $25,000 drawing. Not bad considering the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot is 1 in 292 million. That's a whole bunch of zeroes.

I spoke with a person at the Montana Lottery Headquarters in Helena and asked about the speed at which the tickets were being sold. He told me that last year, they sold 250,000 tickets in 6 days. They added 30,000 more this year, and they sold out in 29.5 hours. That is mind-blowing how fast $5.6 million dollars can be generated in our state.

Some people were lucky enough to purchase a ticket while some people were not so lucky. So, we went to the comments on the Montana Lottery Facebook page to see how Montana is reacting to the news of the Montana Millionaire tickets being SOLD OUT.

Montana Millionaire Reactions

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