Life in 2022 really does feel like we are officially "in the future." How did you imagine "the future" might be when you were young? Talking face to face with someone on the phone? Yup, we got that. Self-driving cars? Yup, we got those too. Astronauts training to colonize Mars? Yup, that's happening now. And, some of that crucial training is happening right here in Big Sky Country.

Space X is looking to Montana for the training of the Polaris Dawn crew.

According to NBC Montana:

The SpaceX Crew Polaris Dawn will be stationed and training out of the Bozeman airport starting this Thursday. Officials say increased flight activity will be noticeable from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. until the training ends on Sept. 18. Aircrafts include L-39s, Alpha Jets, and MiG-29s flying in formation over Belgrade, Bozeman, and surrounding areas.

The Polaris Dawn team is gearing up for a mission to space this winter. The goal of the mission is to test out new space suits that will make commercial space walks safe, not to mention, these new suits will be crucial for achieving the goal of building a base on the Moon and potentially colonizing Mars.

What better place than Big Sky Country to train for a big mission to space?

The mission will last about five days and the Polaris Dawn team will have other objectives besides testing the new suits. They are also going to measure the effects on their health in high altitude and space radiation as well as test out new communication systems using Starlink.

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