People all over the world are anxiously awaiting the continuation of season 5 of the hit show "Yellowstone." It was sad to see that we have to wait until the summer of 2023 to get the rest of season 5. There has been no confirmation on an exact date that "part 2" will premiere. So now we play the waiting game.

What do you think is going to happen in the second half of season 5 of "Yellowstone?"

Is it me, or is the show's writing getting more and more predictable as time goes on? Is it because the characters have been meticulously developed over the last 5 seasons, that we can assume what direction the character will go? The storylines of each season all seem to have familiar plot points that simply repeat every episode. Sometimes these plot points are so predictable that we see them on the hit shows spin-offs as well.

A Tik Tok creator also has noticed the similarities in the past 5 seasons. Mainly how all the characters typically react to whatever is written in the script. Each character has some pretty predictable actions to just about everything. TikTok creator, @taylorgraysen, took the all too familiar plot of just about every episode of "Yellowstone," and crammed it all into 30 seconds.


@taylorgraysen The horse was a paid extra #yellowstonetv #theduttons #television ♬ original sound - Taylor Owen

@taylorgreysen took it to a new level, when he tackled the "Yellowstone" drama again, in a matter of 45 seconds. Touching on a few more plot points that seem to get repeated in nearly every season of the show. Including the always popular "sad country music montage" at the end of every episode. WARNING: NSFW (ADULT LANGUAGE)

@taylorgraysen Replying to @breealatorre3 We got cowboy hats for this one #yellowstonetv #theduttons #television ♬ original sound - Taylor Owen

If you have someone who has never seen an episode of the hit drama "Yellowstone," save them a bunch of time and simply show them these 2 short clips. It should get them caught up pretty quickly.

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