Live anywhere long enough, and you'll get used to the local intricacies and customs. As they say, "When in Rome, do as they Romans do." When you come to Missoula, you better get used to our weather, driving practices, and other customs so you don't drive yourself completely bonkers when you get here. Here are some of Twitter's best to help you understand the Garden City...enjoy them now while Twitter is still around.

After living in Missoula for almost two years, I've learned to get around in the city without the Google Machine, but it is still challenging thanks to odd intersections like Malfunction Junction and almost every intersection on Brooks Avenue north of it. As we mentioned HERE, turning left in the business district of Reserve St is possible, but not advisable if you want to get where you're going anytime soon.

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Thanks to a snow flurry and the lights from a Griz home game at Washington Grizzly Stadium, someone got this nice shot of Mt Sentinel lit up at night. Breathtaking visuals aren't uncommon around here, as long as you get outside to see them.

Referring to Elon Musk's plan to charge Twitter users in November 2022. Glad someone at the county is doing the math on this one!

Arguably, the most famous movie ever made about Missoula is "A River Runs Through It." The quote on this bench is the very first line from Norman Maclean's book upon which the Robert Redford movie was based. Norman's son John is himself an accomplished author and activist for the conservation of our Montana public lands.

"You can take a Missoulian out of Montana, but..."

We hear you, Doug. When the snow starts flying in Missoula a nice hot stew sounds much more appetizing than having to prepare the car for a trip around town.

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We're not going to say no to dog pics! Jacobs Island Dog Park just north of the University of Montana campus is a favorite amongst locals.

This is one of those "renew your faith in humanity" stories. Props to Charley and his can-do attitude! Positivity begets more of the same, so we hope Charley hung onto it and is still inspiring others.

Rose Park has been screencapped from Google Earth so many times, it's a national meme. Driving around in it isn't so bad, as long as you go slow and keep an eye out for kids and pets in the street.

This may not be exclusive to Missoula, but doing things together for a common good is a staple of our community. We've crowdsourced the Guerrilla Turkey Drive for the last 28 years and it's done so much good for people in need.

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I can't think of any time I've ever been driving on Reserve St and wished it had more cars on it.  Avoiding Reserve St. is one of my favorite pastimes!

Calling back to Norman Maclean again. Destination Missoula is known for sharing amazing local pictures on their social pages, and this drone shot facing west looking over the Clark Fork River is no exception.

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