There can be some murky waters to tread when it comes to EXACTLY what is legal and what is illegal when it comes to fireworks.

There are thousands of vendors, distributors, and types of fireworks available for this year's 4th of July. It can be harder than a granite statue of Jason Statham to distinguish them from each other!

Fear not, City Of Hamilton...your Police Chief Steve Snavely spoke with us and cleared the air on several topics concerning the legality of fireworks in the city for this weekend and the 4th itself...

WHEN can I light off my fireworks this weekend?

Credit: Damir Khabirov / Getty Images
Credit: Damir Khabirov / Getty Images

Only from certain times..they're only allowed to shoot them off on July 4th til 1AM.
So they can start at 10AM on the 4th and shoot them off until 1AM on the 5th


WHERE can I light my fireworks?

Well obviously we want to do it in a  safe can't do it from moving vehicles or [in] any city parks. They can't do it in the cemetary, the business district or on city property. The school district has asked that they not be done on the high school property.


WHAT KIND of fireworks are illegal?

They're not allowed prohibited fireworks (sky rockets, roman candles, bottle rockets) and it says in our ordinance [that] illegal explosives are usually unlabeled and these devices exceed the federal maximum for explosive charge allowed. Some examples are like M-80s, M-100s.


We covered fireworks safety HERE (we recommend reading this if kids are going to be partaking in the fun too!)


...and possible fines for offenders HERE

Arrested man in handcuffs with hands behind back
Credit: BrianAJackson / Getty Images

SHOWN: was that carton of bottle rockets worth it, son? 

We understand that blowing stuff up is fun beyond what we normally experience on most any other day of the year, but it's never fun to face the consequences of reckless or illegal activity.


We appreciate Chief Snavely and his officers for their service to the City Of Hamilton. Please stay safe this 4th of July weekend!


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