Just because you can't throw a 99mph fastball or have a batting average of .300 doesn't mean you can't be a part of Missoula's baseball history.

Baseball is America's pastime for a reason. You love playing as a kid, and as you become an adult, watching a good ball game with a big hot dog and a cold beverage in the Summer heat is almost heaven. I try and catch as many Missoula Paddlehead games in our short season as possible. Now, while I love a good bratwurst or overflowing plate of nachos hammered into a novelty baseball helmet, I do sometimes wish the menu was a little more "progressive".

The Paddlehead's head office apparently has the same idea. They want you to bring forth your creative signature dish to the stadium menu! This is your chance to become a Missoula baseball legend, but what dish should you submit?

After giving the application page a quick glance, I really couldn't see any rules or stipulations. It looks like there are just now into the idea phase, so it would seem that anything goes. And with that here are some suggestions from yours truly.

  • Gourmet Nachos: Let's take this ball game staple to the next level with 5 different melted kinds of cheese and Japanese ground wagyu beef
  • Rocky Mountain Oysters: Hey, it worked at Testy Fest every year...
  • KC's famous version of Vinnie Paul's Jalapeno Poppers
  • Local beer brats: How about a Cold Smoked Dog?

Missoula is growing daily, and with growth comes culinary diversity. I'm honestly excited to see what dish they decide to throw on the menu for the upcoming season, and whoever you are future winner, you can bet I'll try your dish at least once. Most likely at least 20 times because I'm fat and love baseball. Good luck!

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