Ravalli County Sheriff's deputies are hoping you can help them find a reckless motorcycle rider who led them on a chase at speeds up to 165 miles per hour through the Bitterroot earlier this week. 

The chase happened late Tuesday night. 

Sheriff's deputies were called into the pursuit after the man riding the performance bike had gotten away from Missoula County Sheriff's deputies who had initially tried to stop him before he fled down the Bitterroot at estimated speeds of 100 miles per hour. Missoula deputies had seen the rider tailgating, passing unsafely, and causing "danger to the public."

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Ravalli deputies joined the pursuit just after 10 pm as the rider started to travel even faster. Officers estimate the bike was going at speeds ranging from 130 to 165 miles per hour. That's when deputies decided to call off the hazardous chase near Stevensville as the rider sped away into the dark. 

Now, investigators are hoping someone will come forward with information to help apprehend the rider. Deputies would like to hear from anyone who might know the rider or was a witness to the chase that might have some helpful information. People are being asked to call the Ravalli County 9-1-1 Center at 406-363-3033. You can also leave a tip anonymously on the Ravalli County Sheriff's app. 

Law enforcement agencies across Montana have policies to engage fleeing suspects until such time as a supervisor determines the pursuit should be called off because of danger to other drivers and the community.

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