When you think of winter, you probably don't think of ice cream. This is probably why the people at the Higgins location of Big Dipper Ice Cream chose now as a good time to give the iconic ice cream shop a little TLC.

Just recently, the Higgins location of Big Dipper ice cream announced that they will be closing their doors for the first time in 30 years. This news came as a blow to many Missoulians, as the ice cream shop is more than just ice cream... It is what gets them out of bed every day.

According to NBC Montana, they reached out to Bryan Hickey, Big Dipper's president, for comment.

( The Big Dipper) Higgins Avenue building is 70 years old and due for some TLC. Therefore, the location will close for remodeling this winter. It’s a project that's been planned for months but confirmed just last week.

“Once a firm plan was set and contractors/sub-contractors were confirmed, Higgins Ave. staff was alerted to the temporary closure,” Hickey added.


The final day to get your ice cream at this location is November 24th.

Until the remodel is complete, you may want to think of some other options for sweet treats. Just to get you by.

1) Big Dipper's Southgate Mall location will remain open. (Now you can stop crying)

2) If you haven't had a Crumbl Cookie yet, you haven't lived.

3) Sweet Peaks downtown is Montana-made ice cream, and it is LEGIT

4) The cheesecakes at Brooklyn Bagel will bring a tear to your eye

5) Veera Donuts are just down the street from the Big Dipper building. Why not make that your hang-out until the remodel is finished?

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