We have been saying it for nearly two years now, but "Montana has been found." People from all over the country have been migrating to Montana since the start of the pandemic. Today, you could throw a rock and have a hard time NOT hitting a car with Washington or California plates on it. (NOTE: Don't throw rocks at out-of-staters.)

People like to blame the mass migration on shows like "Yellowstone." Glorifying life in Montana, and causing people to think they can all afford massive ranches and giant pickups. But, let us not forget that western Montana has already dealt with a mass migration before.

We are all aware of the film that put Missoula on the Hollywood A-List. In the early '90s an up-and-coming actor by the name of Brad Pitt took a role as a Montana boy who loves to fish. The movie "A River Runs Through It" launched a fly fishing craze all over the world, making Missoula the Mecca of fly fishing for anyone who knew how to tie a knot on a bead head nymph.

Missoula saw plenty of California plates and properties getting bought up all over the valley. People wanted to live a part of the movie. They wanted to spend all their time on the Blackfoot and Clark Fork River fishing. But, not a single person had any idea what a bunion bug was.

But, there are a few flaws in the "A River Runs Through It" story. Our buddy Hank Patterson points them out in the following video.

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